(Served all day until sold out)
V=Vegetarian VG=Vegan

Gyro Breakfast Burrito
Eggs, gyro meat, potatoes and akawi cheese,
served with shatta (Arabic Hot Sauce) and Garlic Labne

Veggie Breakfast Burrito (V)
Eggs, roasted veggies with za’atar, potatoes and akawi cheese.

(Starting at 11:30AM)

Falafel Wrap (VG)
House made falafel, rolled in Lebanese style pita with hummus,
red onion, pickles, cucumber and tomatoes with tahini sauce
Served with french fries or Arabic Salad

Chicken Sumac Rolls
Chicken with red onion, sumac, cardamom and pine nuts rolled
in thin flatbread, served with garlic/sumac labneh, hummus and warm pita

(Served all day)

Pressed Mezza
House made falafel, hummus, pickled veggies, labneh,
marinated olives & Arabic salad served with warm pita bread

Hummus (VG)
Served with warm pita

Labneh (V)
Served with warm pita

Falafel (4 - VG)

Arabic Salad (VG)
Cucumber, tomato, parsley with
Lemon Sumac & mint dressing

Marinated Olives (VG)
Cracked green olives with
slightly spicy house marinade.

French Fries (w/toum (VG)) $5
Pita Bread (1 PC.) (VG) $2
Toum (2 OZ.) (VG) $1
Tahini Sauce (2 oz.) (VG) $1
Shatta (2 oz.) (VG) $1
Garlic Labneh (2 oz.) (V) $1